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Notary Services

Notary Public are persons who are subject to the rules of the Law Society of Ontario, whereas in some cases non-lawyers are also appointed to be a notary public by the Ministry of Attorney General in Ontario (such as Paralegals, Law Clerks, and/or Immigration Consultants).

In Ontario, the practice of notarizing is governed by the Notaries Act (the “Act”). A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario, and can also witness or certify, and attest, the execution of a document, and certify and attest documents to be true copies of the original.

The job of Notary Public’s is to ensure that the contents of the document have been:

  • sworn to by the applicant
  • under an oath or affirmation

During notarization, the Notary Public will put their signature and notary Stamp on your documents. The notary may also certify that copies of documents are “true copies” of that document.

The law requires that where documents require notarization that:

  • proper identification must be provided
  • original documents are presented to the notary public
  • documents are properly completed

Please complete all documents prior to arriving at our office, EXCEPT for signatures and dates.

Where certified true copies of documents are required, the original and copy must be presented to the notary public for examination.

Applicants must provide proper identification for the Notary Public.
  • one government issued photo identification or
  • two government issued non-photo identification.
Identification must display your signature. Do not sign or date documents prior to arriving at our office. It is the commissioner’s job to properly identify you and witness signatures on documents.

We notarize all documents including:

Please note our office cannot answer questions concerning which documents need to be authenticated and/or notarizing. You must find out this information before coming to our office.

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