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Do You Manage a Fleet of Cars?

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Did you know:

Delivery Vehicles Have Certain Parking Exceptions via a City of Toronto Courtesy Policy?

Cancel Existing Tickets

Some of your parking tickets can be cancelled with proof of delivery such as Code 134 Park in Public Lane?

Reduce Your Expenses

We have been helping corporate companies reduce their parking ticket expense since 2008?

Our Services

We Provide The Following Services As a Package
  • Weekly monitoring of parking ticket updates
  • Notification of any outstanding tickets that had not been sent to Willero and requires attention
  • Customized spreadsheet that contains all parking tickets for the year
  • Easy access to information when reviewing invoices from Willero Legal Services.
  • Customized folder by year and ticket number for easy reference
  • Storage of documents for the remittance to the Appeals Tribunal Hearings that usually take place 3-6 months after the initial filing.
  • Customized arguments of each corporate clients depending on the needs of the business upon filing.
  • Monitoring of all tickets that have been decided by the screening officer and determine which ones need to be filed with the Appeal Tribunal for further review.
  • Filing with the Appeals Tribunal to dispute the decision of the screening officer.
  • Appear for hearings scheduled by the Tribunal for each parking ticket.
  • Detailed list of tickets with the amount of the fine decided with a due date for the ease of processing by your administration department.
  • Easy to follow invoices with all above noted information.

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